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Aron Hill


May 7– June 18, 2022


What new possibilities arise when we learn to cross, to blur, to undermine, overflow the hierarchical binary oppositions we have been taught to believe in. Jamie Heckart

Art’s task was to “make the world strange,” to shock the dulled sensibility, to forge a new reality by fragmenting the old. In art as in social practices, rebellion against a constricting and spiritually destitute society required the earnest, even systematic flouting of traditional values and assumptions. The sacred, made bland and empty by centuries of pious convention, seemed better expressed through the profane and blasphemous. Elemental passion and sensation could best draw forth the aboriginal wellsprings of the creative spirit. Richard Tarnas

This project is the process in which I investigate and develop a desire to dissolve into a stranger, more inventive world. Much of what I have despised throughout my life originates from a culture where masculinized practices reign. That is not to say only by men do these practices reign but also the simplistic manifestations and representations of masculinity in society which, in my case, showed itself most evidently in religion and art. Such effort is made to retain certain traditional values and guard them from influence and any attempt at layering. This exhibition and text is about layering..

CULTURICACID: ‘CULT’ or religion’s obsession and missionary zeal in regards to control of the body is demonstrated through a conservative Christian approach to sexuality and prudishness of bodily activity. I use the notion of ‘god’ many times throughout as a stand-in for otherness and something essential. In this project I have used notions of bodily activity and the ‘URIC’ to help understand this masculine control, and ‘ACID’ as an agent that both destroys and cleans like fire.

Double dark sided archway with sun_72x108.jpg
Aron Hill_Dark sided archway into a quiet place with sun_72x96_2022.JPG
Stage Left_24x30_2022.jpg
A Bad Lyre_Wood_Steel_16x24x60.jpg
Jungle Baptists.jpg
A Rising Moon over a Childs Carving.jpg
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