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Aron Hill

“The Northern Minister Devoured and Other Works”


October 14 – November 11, 2023


This exhibition by Canadian Artist, Aron Hill is an expression of where he currently is in this space and time. Working as an artist who was educated in a Eurocentric tradition, Aron Hill considers his personal story in relation to settler colonialism, domestic labor and care, and artistic lineages of formalism and minimalism.  Aron Hill’s work centers around concerns of materiality, constructions, and personal narrative. His use and manipulation of canvas relates more to the material as a textile as object and less as a passive surface to be painted upon. The work is assembled often in a crude collaged manner using embroidery, sewing, and gluing which speaks to the nature of creating work around children in a domestic environment. The narrative component of this work touches upon care and separation, what it means to have a de-compartmentalization and integrated art/craft practice, and what a family and community consists of.  It is a presentation of his current life in its entirety, his education, his background, his family, and his day-to-day life, all is woven into the narrative of “The Northern Minister Devoured and Other Works”

Aron Hill_Dead End Dead Sign Deah Ahead 1_30x24.jpg
Aron Hill_Dead End Dead Sign Deah Ahed 2_ 30x24.jpg
Aron Hill_Mediation 1_54x81.jpg
Aron Hill_Pink Faced Fucker_48x16x70.jpg
Aron Hill_Pack Animal_60x70x14.jpg
Aron Hill_Cart_12x48x24.jpg
Aron Hill_Mediation2_54x81.jpg
Aron Hill_A Very Tired Child_24x31.jpg
Aron Hill_Prairie Poncho with Baby Pattern_48x32x20.jpg
Aron Hill The Northern Minister Devoured, 2023
Aron Hill_Mule with a Dark Pack_54x60.jpg
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Pack Animal, 2023
Prairie poncho with baby pattern, 2023
Cart, 2023
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