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Artist Highlight

Bill Laing, RCA

Artist Highlight

Bill Laing, RCA

May 15 – May 22

In response to Covid 19 and the Government ordered shutdown of all galleries, HKG will focus on one artist each week including a highlighted piece from the artist which will be offered for one week only or until it is purchased, for a special one-time price. 

Revisiting my garden...

My grandmother's love of plants, flowers, gardens and music was a huge influence on my young life.  With very little money but a lot of imagination, she created beauty and innovation from the most humble beginnings, inspiring me to see the alchemy found in gardening.

As an artist I have always responded to place, be it a country, a city or a microcosm , such as a garden. Over the years I have established a mature garden in our NW Calgary home. Pride of place are my Himalayan blue poppies, which have taken me 15 years to establish.  My garden is comprised of annuals, perennials and alpines. These combine to create a space of serenity and peace.  I am drawn to artists and designers who have been influenced by their own gardens and have incorporated this into their work, such as William Morris, Voysey, Van Gogh, Bosch and Monet.

Constructing my own vernacular, based on the dialogue between the natural world and botanical motifs in wallpaper, textiles design and painting, has engaged me for many years. The patterns, shapes, colours and sounds that I experience first hand in my garden sanctuary are ever finding their way into my studio work, be it through drawing, printmaking, painting or assemblages.

Below are some photographs taken in my garden last year.

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As part of the Artist Highlight Project, we will be selling one of the highlighted artists’ works at a special, one-time price, limited to one week or as soon as it is sold. The first collector to contact us to purchase, wins the piece!

Looking Through 3_21.jpg
Looking Through 4_21.75x18.jpg

“Looking Through # 3” & “Looking Through # 4”

Etchings, 21” x 18.5”, Framed.

List Price is $3,600 Special Price:  $2,500. 

Call the Gallery cell Phone number at 403-710-3200 or email us at info@herringerkissgallery.com to purchase.

Don’t hesitate or you’ll miss out!  Each purchase will help the highlighted artist get through these challenging times.


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