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Viewing Room

Attila Richard Lukacs

In Helen's Garden

May 27 – July 1, 2023



Although Attila Richard Lukacs vaulted onto the international stage in the 1980’s with epic, grand paintings, he has created masterful small-scale works throughout his career, often with family and friends in mind. This exhibition is a rare event. During the summer of 2021 he came to Calgary to help his family care for his mother, Helen, as her dementia progressed. He renewed her beloved garden with brightly blooming flowers she might see throughout the season from her window. There, he set up an outdoor studio space and painted this suite of eight extraordinary, intimate diamonds - musings on life, spirit, and transcendence - in the company of sparrows, nuthatches and chickadees. 

Katherine Ylitalo, March 5, 2023

Attila Lukacs "June"
Attila's Outdoor Studio

Attila's Outdoor Studio, Calgary,

Spring 2021

Attila Lukacs "August"

Attila with his Father, Joe, Mother, Helen, and Deborah Herringer Kiss at his opening in Calgary in 2019.

Attila Lukacs "September"
Attila Lukacs "I am death"
Helen's Garden

Helen's Garden, Calgary,

Spring 2021

Attila Lukacs "October"
Attila Lukacs "November"
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