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Blake Senini 13 Poems


March 19 – April 30, 2022

Blake Senini is interested in light and photography, with their peculiar characteristics and relationships to form. He invites the viewer to interpret the images his abstract sculpture present based on their own experiences and ideas distilled from images presented in daily life. He guides the viewer to make their own interpretations and conclusions. Blake’s work carries visual memories of; A stream of smoke from the tip of a cigarette, a stain left on a countertop from a cup of coffee in the morning, a fountain of spirits pouring from a bottle, a shadow that faithfully follows someone or something through a field, a fleeting sound that passes by undecipherable to all ears, a light flickering over the water, a lost memory that struggles to be remembered, a nervous bird on the branch of a tree in the wind and an old photograph that remains unknown.

All that remains.jpg
12. Ceramic For Gods Only.jpg
5. And then you die again.jpg
2. we are the dead.jpg
3. When we were water.jpg
6. of uncertain origin.jpg
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