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Holiday Salon 2020

Works under $250

"I love Christmas. I love the long drawn out anticipation, and the lights and that cheep wine tastes better by a tree. This year, my holiday fever is stronger than ever. I’ve had a tree up for two weeks already. Though no one is coming over, I might make a cheese ball and yell at my husband for touching it before the guests (don’t) arrive, just for tradition. Happy holidays!"

Fiona Ackerman

“The holidays are a special time for me, and being at home with family feels like exhaling and letting go of any outside pressures and refocusing on magic. We are big on traditions in my house. We make handmade ornaments for our tree and for our friends every year, we bake cookies for our loved ones, we eat too much, we watch Bond movies in our PJs until the stocking chocolates run out.... we snuggle. It’s great! This year I’ve been crafting with my daughter for the first time and she’s been making these macerated glittery lumps of salt dough that are hilariously cute, if not slightly obscene in shape, and will bring laughs to all of her uncles and aunties. These are the best things about the holidays for me; the things that wouldn’t make the cut for Pinterest. It’s a time for us to play again, something that far too many grown-ups forget to do nearly enough! After all, creativity is just play working hard, or Hard Fun, as I like to call it.” Lauren Walker

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75 Drawings available for $20 each

Works under $250

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