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Our Gift Giving Suggestions

Who are you buying for?

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For The Cat Lover:

Nate McLeod

Rainbow Cat, 2019

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For The Naturalist:

Dan Hudson

Black Capped Chickadee

For The Warhol Fan:

Paul deGroot

Religious Wares and Warhol Cows, 2021

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For the Artist:

Fiona Ackerman

Long Stemmed Cadmium

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For The Sci-Fi Fan:

Jason Frizzell

More than a Hunch (Cindy), 2021

For The Movie Lover

Joe Fleming

Netflix, 2021

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For The Book Collector

Rita McKeough

Rita McKeough Limited Edition Hardcover 

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For The Katie Ohe Fan:

Katie Ohe

"Two Way Swing", 1969

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For The OP-ART Collector:

Rhys Douglas Farrell

"Summers Eve"

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For The Vintage Lover:

Angela Grossmann

Blue Ribbon, 2020

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For the Portrait Collector:

Shelley Adler


For That Person Who Really Loves Orange:

Marjan Eggermont

"Van Ruysdael in Orange"

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