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COVID-19 Impacts Commercial Art Dealers—and Their Artists

Deborah Herringer Kiss 

Gallery Conversation with Anthony King, CKUA Radio

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HKG Videos

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Video by Renée Duval

Visible Invisible (2020) is a 3D animated version of The Oblivion Seekers 13 (2017) and is produced for Herringer Kiss Gallery's INISOLATION project. The Oblivion Seekers series has always been about occupying a kind of limbo space. It is an in-between space of protracted temporality that I'm interested in revealing.  The Oblivion Seekers are searching for a space where time is suspended, where they can hover in limbo, and temporarily push memory and knowing into oblivion. In our current state of limbo and isolation, this series of work has been constantly on my mind. If you look carefully, you can see some socially distancing “seekers” on a faraway shore. The only thing separating you… the distance… and the visible / invisible entities that you must carefully navigate your way through.

"What We Gave Up"

Written, recorded and shot at home(s) over 5 days during Corona isolation.

Fiona Ackerman: Music, vocals, guitar. Amber Webber: Vocals, Sophie Trudeau: Vocals, Violin. 

You can download a free mp3 of Fiona's song  

These and other collaborative recordings are released under the banner Holiday.  

Calgary artist Blake Senini taught for over 30 years at what is now the Alberta University for the Arts. His numerous students over the years always comment on how they loved listening to Blake’s stories. Here, Blake weaves the tale of an old shipwreck and how it lead to his current work, "Cry Baby Cry... From Distant Shores".

Fiona Ackerman "Faces"

Paintings from Fiona's portrait archive,

Fiona on guitar. (Demo home recording.)  

Fiona Ackerman "Fireflies"

Animation made from Fiona's paperworks archive, Fiona on guitar, bass and voice, computer drum machine. (Demo home recording.)

Fiona Ackerman "Night Driving"

Montage of Fiona's paintings from the series Night Driving, Fiona on guitar and bass, computer drum machine. (Demo home recording.)


Due to the strange environment we are all currently living in, we thought that it would be interesting to ask artists to respond to the various challenges we currently find ourselves in. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. Our artists are afraid just like anyone else but most saw this time as an opportunity. Artists are well equipped to handle isolation; they do so in their studios all the time. They are also used to living with a certain amount of financial insecurity. What surprised us most was how our artists wanted to know how they could help others. 

So we invited our artists to create work that speaks to the strategies, opportunities, problems, outcomes of isolation. This could, of course, refer directly to the COVID 19 crisis or isolation in general. 

This work has been submitted for you to enjoy free at cost. Click on the image and you will be sent a free file to do with as you please. Files include downloadable and printable mini-zines/art portfolios, screensaver and free prints. Please check back regularly as we will be adding to the offerings!

We hope you will enjoy their efforts and perspectives and that their generosity of spirit will inspire you.