Joe Fleming

Joe Fleming has exhibited internationally for over 18 years with solo exhibitions in Singapore, Toronto, Calgary and New York City. He has lectured at universities in Canada, the United States and South East Asia since 1993. His paintings are included in many public and private collections such as: BMO Financial Group, Trimark Mutual Funds, Honeywell Bull, Prince Waterhouse Coopers (Malaysia), HSBC Bank, A.T. Tolley Collection, Australian High Commission, Canadian High Commission (Kuala Lumpur), the Art Gallery of Edmonton, the Museum of Civilization (Hull, Quebec) and the Holocaust Museum (LA). Fleming has exhibited in several international art fairs: Art Stage (Singapore), FIAC (Paris), Arte Cologne (Germany), Scope (New York and Miami), Papier (Montreal) and TIAF (Toronto). He has received recognition for his work in Carte Blanche 2: Painting – a survey of new Canadian painting (The Magenta Foundation), 60 Painters in Canada, The Artist’s Studio (by Joseph Hartman), Imago Mundi, Design Lines Magazine, Azure Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Now Magazine, CBC, Chelsea Now and The Wall Street Journal Magazine. Joe Fleming lives and works in Toronto, Canada.



1983-86                Sheridan University


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019                   Silver Harley, General Hardware, Toronto, Canada
2017                   The Escape Club, General Hardware, Toronto, Canada
                           Signs of the Times, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, Alberta,                                                 Canada 
2016                   Superior Customer Service, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary,                                                 Alberta, Canada
2015                   Stockyard Rumble, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto,                                              Canada

2015                    Gallery TAKSU, Singapore

                             General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2014                     Suckerpunch, Mike Weiss Gallery, NYC, US, May

2013                     Thinking of Bush, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto,                                               Canada

2011                     Extra Parts, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2009                     Singapore Art Fair, courtesy of Gallery Taksu, Oct.

                              Solo Exhibition, Newzones Gallery, Calgary, Oct.

                              Scratches and Dots, Gallery Taksu, Malaysia, May

2008                      Chaotic Construction, Gallery Taksu, Singapore, October

2007                      Beauty Queens and Cowboys, Gallery Taksu, Singapore

                              COLD COMFORT, hard wood, DeLeon White Gallery, Canada

2005                      Shanty Town, offsite exhibition, courtesy Artcore Gallery

2004                      Nobody’s Home, Artcore Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2003                      Frolic, Gallery Taksu KL, Malaysia, November

                              Frolic, Gallery Taksu, Singapore

                              Pleasures, Artcore Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                              Sweet Tooth, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2001                      Mapping Time, Gallery Taksu KL, Malaysia

2000                      Urban Dialogue, Gallery Taksu KL, Malaysia

1998                      New Paintings, James Baird Gallery, St. John's, Canada

1997                      Flow, Gallery Taksu KL, Malaysia


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020                     Flatbed Pictures, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary
                             Art Toronto, General Hardware, Toronto, Canada
2019                     Fast Forward, Birch Contemporary, Toronto, Canada 2018
                             Art Toronto, General Hardware, Toronto, Canada

                             Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre Auction, Alberta

2017                     Art Toronto, General Hardware, Toronto, Canada
                             Art Toronto, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2016                     Propellers to Palms, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto,                                         Canada
2015                     Herringer Kiss Gallery, Works on Paper, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

                             LOOK15, Contemporary Calgary, Fundraiser and exhibition
                            TAKSU Gallery, Material Witnesses, Singapore
                             Canadian Art Foundation, auction and exhibition, Toronto, Canada
                             Art Toronto, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2014                     Propellers to Palms, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto,                                                       Canada, October

                              Casey House, Art With Heart Auction, Toronto, Canada, October

                              Art Spin, Fifth Annual Exhibition, Toronto, Canada, June

2013                     Papier 14 Art Fair, Montreal, Quebec, April

2012                     Skipping Stones, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

                              Scope Miami, courtesy of General Hardware Contemporary Canada, December

                              Art Toronto, courtesy of General Hardware Contemporary, Canada, October

                              Eight of Sixty, General Hardware Contemporary, Canada, Summer

                              Tales of Tomorrow, Joe Fleming and Celia Neubauer, TAKSU Singapore, Canada, May

                              Supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

                              60 Painters Exhibition Toronto, Canada, May

                              Gallery Taksu, Singapore, May

2011                     Summer Views, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC

                              Group Show, Gallery Taksu, Bali, Indonesia

2010                     Taking Shape, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

                              Inaugural Exhibition, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2008                     Magenta Publishing, book launch/exhibition MOCCA Toronto, November, Canada

                              Singapore Art Fair, courtesy Gallery Taksu, October

                              Wayne Gretzky Rocks, New Zones Gallery, Calgary, June

                              Look Four, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver

2007                     Canadian Painters, Gallery Taksu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                              Nuit Blanche, Reality, Toronto, Canada

2006                     The Gladstone Hotel, courtesy of Kmart Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                              Gallery Artists, Gallery Taksu, Singapore

2005                     4 Canadians, Gallery Taksu, Singapore/ KL

                              Arte Cologne, courtesy Artcore Gallery, Germany

                              Scope International Art Fair, courtesy Artcore Gallery, New York

                              FIAC, courtesy Artcore Gallery, Paris

                              TAAFI (Toronto alternative art fair international), courtesy Artcore Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                              Group Show, Gallery Taksu, Singapore

                              Microloft, The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada

                              Blender 2, Mix Magazine, Toronto, Canada

                              Salon du Printemps, courtesy Artcore Gallery, Montreal, Canada

                              Keep Expanding, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

                              Southbeach International Art Fair, courtesy Artcore Gallery, Florida

2003                     FIAC, courtesy of Artcore Gallery, Paris, France

                              New Abstractions, James Baird Gallery, Newfoundland, Canada

                              Artcore Gallery, Grand Opening, October

                              Gallery Taksu, Jakarta Indonesia

                              Gallery Taksu, Singapore

2002                     Basel Miami Art Fair, courtesy Artcore Gallery, Miami, Florida

                              Toronto International Art Fair, courtesy Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                              Singapore International Art Fair, courtesy Gallery Taksu, Singapore

2001                     Surprise, Archive Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                              The Toronto International Art Fair, courtesy Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada

                              Plum Blossom Gallery, Singapore


Selected Biography

2019                    ARTORONTO.CA by Mikael Sandblom
                            Fugitive Pigment by Earl Miller

2017                    Joseph Hartman, Artist Studio Project
                             Imago Mundi, Canada / Venice, Francesca Valente, Curator and                                              Peggy Gale text

2014                     Joe Fleming’s SUCKERPUNCH at Mike Weiss Gallery, The Artblog, June 13

                              Buhmann on Art, Joe Fleming: SUCKERPUNCH, Chelsea Now, June 4

                              Joe Fleming. Suckerpunch, Wall Street International, May 29

2012                     The Globe and Mail, Richard Vaughan, "Eight of Sixty, a Summer Fling with Sexy Strangers",

2008                     Swerve, "The Great Ones", Calgary, July

                              Visual Arts Calgary, "Wayne Gretsky Rocks at Newzones", Travis Murphy, July

2007                     Juice Magazine, Singapore, Spring issue

                              Art Fair Catalogue - Art Singapore

                              The New Straits Times, Singapore, June 20

                              Eye Magazine, Nuite Blanche, cover and story, September 27

                              Azure magazine online article, Nuite Blanche, January

                              Design Lines Magazine, Nuite Blanche, fall issue

                              Now Magazine, September 27

2005                     Canadian Art Online review

                              The Globe and Mail, Gary Michael Dault, December 31

                              Now Magazine, Hajal De Sarkar, October 20

                              The Globe and Mail, Gary Michael Dault, May 24

                              Cubes Magazine, Singapore, September

                              Canadian House and Home, March

2004                     Mix Magazine, August

                              Elle Magazine. Singapore. September

2001                     After Hours. The Edge. Malaysia. November

2000                     Dault, Gary Michael. The End of the Earth. Canadian Art.

                              Fall Issue After Hours. The Edge. Malaysia. May 1-7,

                              KL Culture. May

1999                     Smith, Craig. The Drawing Urge.  Pasatiempo. The New Mexican. December 17-23

                              Pull-out section. Canadian Art. Fall

                              Fast Forward. Canadian Art. Summer

                              Dault, Gary Michael. Gallery Walk About. The Globe and Mail.

                              July 3 Where Magazine. April/May

                              Dault, Gary Michael. Gallery Walk About. The Globe and Mail. March 27

                              Jones, Charlotte. Joe Fleming: New Paintings. Arts Atlantic. Winter

1998                     MacKay, Gillian. Gallery Walk About. Globe and Mail. February 13

                              Television Interview. City TV evening news. February 7

                              Rosen, Taffe. Television Interview. Bravo. February

                              Etcetera. The Evening Telegram. St. John's Nfld. April 24

                              Weekend in Toronto. The Toronto Star. August 28

1997                     Ahmad, Zulkifli. Different People Similar Strokes. New Straits Times, Malaysia. April 18

1996                     Fischer, Nathalie-Roze. ‘Top 10 Art Exhibits – 1996’.

                              Now  Magazine. January 1

                              Works of Joe Fleming Showing at Gallery Taksu. The Malay Mail. April 7

                              Northcott, John. CBC Television Interview.

                              Fischer, Nathalie-Roze. Joe Fleming's southwestern icons wax ironic.

                              Now Magazine September 20

                              Television Interview. City TV evening news. September 3

                              Television Interview. Rogers Cable. October 15

                              Fauntleroy, Gussie. Fleming paints things we keep to ourselves.

                              New Mexican SF September 28

1995                     Tobin, Richard. Reviews. The Magazine. Sante Fe. November

                              Hanna, Deirdre. Art Highlights.  Now Magazine. June 22-28

                              Northcott, John. Television Interview. CBC Evening News. September 21


Selected Permanent Collections

BMO Financial Group

Richard Ivey Collection

Trimark Mutual Funds

Scotia Bank

General Electric

Honeywell Bull

American Barrick


Magna International

Elli Lilly

Midland Walwyn Financial

724 Solutions

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Malaysia

Mckinsey, Malaysia

HSBC Bank, Malaysia

Choo Mei Lin Cathay Organization Singapore, Malaysia

Australian High Commission

Ireka / Westin Kuala Lumpur

Canadian High Commission

Canadian Postal Museum (Museum of Civilization), Canada

Edmonton Art Gallery, Canada

Carleton University Art Gallery, A.T. Tolley Collection