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Reinhard Skoracki was born in Germany and immigrated to Canada in the early 1990’s. He studied at the Alberta College of Art + Design and received his B.F.A. from the University of Calgary in 1997. Reinhard Skoracki exhibits nationally and internationally including the 2015 'NordArt' , (Germany), the largest exhibition of contemporary art in Europe, the Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale, the Museum of Fine Arts in Ostrava, Czech Republic, the WG Kunst in Amsterdam, the Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China. His work has been published in ‘New Art International’ (Book Art Press, NY, 1998), ‘Artful Jesters’ (Nicholas Roukes, 2003) and ‘The Sculpture Reference Illustrated’ (Arthur Williams, 2005).


Known and well loved for his “table top melodramas”, Reinhard has completed numerous large scale commissions in recent years, including an outdoor donor recognition piece for the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation in Edmonton, Alberta, a 17 foot tall outdoor sculpture of the University of Calgary, Alberta and two multi-media installations for the Alberta Investment Management Corporation in Edmonton, Alberta. Author, Nicholas Roukes wrote about Reinhard’s work: “Unlike black humor, which presents a world gone mad and without hope, Skoracki’s art is admittedly caustic satire, but closer to Pantagruelism – the Rabelaisian philosophy of dealing with serious matters in a spirit of broad and somewhat cynical good humor.”


1992-96     Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Alberta
                   Diploma with Distinction, Visual Arts, Calgary
1996-97     University of Calgary

1997           Bachelor with Distinction, Fine Arts, Calgary

Awards & Scholarships:

1993           Illingworth Kerr Scholarship
1994           L. Mckinney Scholarship for exceptional academic achievement, Provincial Government, Alberta
1995           Canadian Western Natural Gas Award
1993-95     Award Exhibitions, Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Alberta
1996           Awarded “Best in Sculpture”, Juried Competition open to all Alberta Artists, organized by Art is Vital
2001           The Alberta Foundation of the Arts Grant


Solo Exhibitions:  

1994           “Es ist seltsam im Nebel zu wandern”, Marion Nicoll Gallery, Calgary AB
1997           “Kali Yuga“, Art is Vital Gallery, Calgary, AB
1999           “Pull The Plug, The Water Is Boiling”, Art is Vital Gallery, Calgary, AB
2000           “Pull The Plug, The Water Is Boiling” McDonough Museum of Art, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
2001           “Es ist seltsam im Nebel zu wandern”, Ludwig Windhorst Haus, Lingen, Germany
2001           ”Shadow“, Art is Vital Gallery, Calgary, AB
2001/02     “Kafkaesque”, Art is Vital Gallery, Calgary, AB
2005           “Black Fly On White Wall”, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2006           “Glimpse Into The Present”, The Prairie Art Gallery, Grande Prairie, AB
2007           “Black Cloud, Silver Lining”, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2007           “Sit-uations”, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2009           “Floating”, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2011           “Detours”, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2013           “Stories” Kurbatoff Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Selected Group Exhibitions:

1994           “Selected Work”, Sculpture Show, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, AB
1995           Little Gallery, University of Calgary, AB
1996           Little Gallery, University of Calgary, AB
1996           Grad Show, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, AB
1996-2004 Art is Vital Gallery, Calgary, AB
1999           Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale ‘99’, Juried Exhibition, Japan
2000           “Show Me The Shoe”, Juried Exhibition, City Museum, St. Louis, USA
2000           “Kaleidoskope”, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
2000          “Kaleidoskope”, Museum of Fine Arts, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2000          “Kaleidoskope”, WG Kunst, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2003          Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale ‘2003’, (Juried), Japan
2003           “Pulse”, Polish Community Centre, Calgary, AB
2004          The Art Ark Gallery, Kelowna, BC
2004          Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2004           “Migration in the Third Dimension: Tradition and Innovation in Canada and the Cyclades”, Tinos, Greece
2004          Migration in the Third Dimension: Tradition and Innovation in Canada

                       and the Cyclades, Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts, Calgary, AB
2005          “Figure Works”, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2005          “Form-Space-Concept-Metaphor”, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
2005          “Container/Contained”, Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA, USA
2005          “In-Dependant Thoughts”, The Art Ark, Kelowna, BC
2006          “Soliloquies”, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2007          “Summer Sculpture Show”, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
2007          “Images and Reflections”, Gallery Kruh, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2007          “Images and Reflections”, Gallery “G”, Olomouc, Czech Republic
2007          The Moorings Gallery, Mahone Bay, NS
2007          Toyamura Juried International Sculpture Biennale, Japan
2008          “Images and Reflections”, Galeria ZPAP “Pryzmat”, Krakow, Poland
2008          “Images and Reflections”, PGS State Gallery of Cont. Art, Sopot, Poland
2008          “Images and Reflections”, ‘At the Jesuits’,  Gallery of Contemporary Art, Poznan, Poland
2008          “Images and Reflections”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Kalisz, Poland
2008          “Images and Reflections”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Zamosc, Poland                 
2008          “Seven Contemporary Canadian Sculptures from Calgary”, Lu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2008          “Westward Ha”, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
2008          “Images and Reflections”, Galeria ‘V Podkrovi’, Contemporary Art Gallery, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia        
2009/10    “Artists from Coast to Coast”, Hollander York Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2012          Kurbatoff Gallery, Vancouver, BC



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1999          Marcela Salamanca, “Reinhard Skoracki: Intense and Provocative”, Gauntlet, Pg. 18, Nov. 25, 1999
2000          Diane Bellissimo, Style at Home Magazine, Pg. 162/163, October Issue
2000          Western Living Magazine, October Issue, Cover Page, April 2000
2001          “Light, Shadows, Living Souls on Ladders”, Lingener Tagespost , German Newspaper, March 16. 2001
2001          “Creations to Develop Critical Conciousness”, Lingener Tagespost, German Newspaper, March 2001
2001          Monique Westra, “Beneath the Surface”, Artichoke, Summer 2001
2001          ‘Where’ Calgary Magazine Gallery/ Gallery Guide, “Sketches: Reinhard Skoracki”, Fall 2001
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2005          Book Publication, “The Sculpture Reference Illustrated” by A.Williams
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2013          Vancouver Sun “Sculptural Storytelling” by Elizabeth Godley, Feb., BC



1997/2001TV Channel 8: Solo Exhibition at the Art is Vital Gallery, Calgary, AB
2001          TV Channel 8: Solo Exhibition at the Art is Vital Gallery, Calgary, AB
2002          CBC Radio, Arts Report
2005          Shaw TV: Solo Exhibition at Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB


Professional Activities:

2000           Curator, “Beneath the Surface”, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
2000           Lecture, Youngstown University, USA
2004           Curator, “MiniARTure”, Triangle Gallery Calgary, AB
2008           Co-Curator, “Westward Ha”, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
2008           Lecture, BWA Gallery Zamosc, Poland
                    Freelance writer for the award-winning German-Canadian Newspaper for the Province of Alberta
                    Member of the Artist Circle Calgary, AB



2010            Donor wall. Site specific multi-media sculptural installation for the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, AB

2011            16 feet  bronze sculpture outside the EEEL Building, University of Calgary, AB
2011            Two site specific multi-media sculptural installations for Alberta Investment Management Corporation, Edmonton, AB

2012            “Sacred Space” large multi-media installation for Holy Trinity Academy, Okotoks, AB


Various Collections:

The Civic Art Collection of Calgary
The Alberta Foundation of Art


In Canada, USA, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Japan, France, Italy and China.

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