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Renée Duval 

Renée Duval lives and works in Vancouver. Born in British Columbia, she graduated with Honors from Emily Carr College of Art (1986) and completed an M.F.A. at Concordia University in Montreal. (1991) Her work has been exhibited across Canada and she has participated in exhibitions in the United States and France. Her work can be found in numerous public as well as private collections and she has received several grants from both the Canada Council for the Arts as well as the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec. Renée's work was included in the publications Carte Blanche Vol 2-Painting (2008) and The RBC Painting Competition: 10 years (2008).

In her most recent work, symmetrical plant life has been formed into a series of large heads that are both explicit and implied. These “portraits” are iconic in their presentation and totemic in their symmetry. Duval’s paintings have long been characterized by a fidelity to the alchemy of representational painting as well as a passionate engagement to the language of painting. As a painter, she is strongly influenced by both western and non-western art history.

For many years Renée has used the image of the tree in her paintings as a way to explore ideas about a sense of presence and the natural world. Since 2011 Duval has created paintings of symmetrical trees that she paints from photo-collages. The resulting works are somewhat hallucinatory - both resolutely realistic as well as supernatural.

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