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Tia Halliday

“Gestures of Care – The Weight of the World”


September 8 – October 7, 2023


In her newest series, artist Tia Halliday explores metaphors of care and resilience through an investigation of line, abstraction, and figuration. Called “choreographed abstractions” Halliday uses her background in performance and dance as a touchstone for paintings that depict physical gestures of care between humans.  Figures captured through lyrical line, bearing the weight of one another through daring acts of physical support, suggesting themes of connectivity, responsibility, and radical care.

Tia Halliday_Inertia(Breaking Away)
Tia Halliday_Negotiation (What Women Walk Through)_57x47_2023.jpg
Tia Halliday_Up-Lifting
Tia Halliday_Bearing the Weight
Tia Halliday_Reciprocation
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Tia Halliday_Lifeline
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