Fiona Ackerman

Flowers For Rapunzel

Flowers for Rapunzel


Drawing from historical scientific botanical illustration, Fiona Ackerman's new series of paintings documents a fictionalized botanical world, one where the rules of art replace those of science, and the nature explored is obscured by fantasy.  

Originally from Montreal, Fiona Ackerman is a painter living and working in Vancouver, BC. Since completing her BFA through Concordia and ECIAD, Fiona has exhibited across Canada and in Europe (London, Berlin, Nuremberg, Munster, and Düsseldorf). She was longlisted for the Sobey Prize in 2015 and received an honorable mention for the Kingston Prize for Canadian Portraiture in 2009. Recent projects include a building wrap mural in Vancouver, and a commissioned 10 minute video projection for the Façade Festival (Burrard Arts Foundation), projected onto the façade of the Vancouver Art Gallery. She lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

Rooted in abstraction, Fiona Ackerman pushes her work in new directions to surprise herself and keep the limits of her painting wide open. Working in series, Fiona develops a language specific to the mood or conceptual objectives she’s working on. Over the years, her work has seen many different stylistic evolutions. Fiona sees this arc of her work much like that of an author. Each series is like a new book, different in tone, style and story. But they are all part of a larger archive, and each a meaningful piece of the whole.

Holiday - One Long DayFiona Ackerman
00:00 / 03:28

Holiday Recordings are DIY, collaborative home recording projects I started doing when covid began. 


(One Long Day song credits: 

Amber Webber: Vocals 

Mike Payette: Harmonica 
Josh Wells: Drums 
Fiona Ackerman: Vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, song & lyrics)

One Long Day, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 67.5" x 90" 

New paintings from Fiona Ackerman

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Small paper works from Fiona Ackerman

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