Holiday Salon 2020

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An early Christmas memory was back in the Netherlands: my mother had bought German candle holders that you clipped onto the branches of your tree (see picture) – you had to add real candles. You can imagine my dad’s reaction to this: he was in the kitchen with buckets of water while my mother lit the candles. The candles were allowed to stay on for about 30 seconds. Similar to the one time we BBQ’d back in the old country: my dad losing it in the garage trying to light a small smoky charcoal grill while it poured outside and the rest of the family calling from the back door: ‘When is dinner ready?’ Zero stress.

I think what I will be doing this Christmas is enjoying small things and not take them for granted: the dog on your lap, the quiet nighttime walk enjoying all the Christmas lights, dancing to Calvin Harris and Barry White while cooking, and seeing the humour in the potential bonfires that could have been. – Marjan Eggermont

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"We always decorate the Christmas tree as a family. One evening when we are all together we set the tree up.  Christmas music playing in the background and each year we add more ornaments to our collection.  It is a time of reminiscing with our children, of Christmases past, and talking about how they have grown.    The angel that tops our tree is from 1961. It is the first angel my parents had when they first got married.  Each year we pick a different son or daughter to hang her.  She is the last thing we put on the tree and it completes our tree. It is a time of closeness and love. And it is a time when we share the gift of our family"

Curtis Cutshaw

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"Best of the season, stay safe. 


(strength, gaining/building, Kwak̓wala)"

Ken Webb

Works under $500

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