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Holiday Salon 2020

Works under $750

"Christmas meant the world to me as a child. Surrounded by all of my Irish aunties and uncles, grandma and grandpa, it felt to me like I had been delivered straight to the magical mystical North Pole. Since our daughter was born, much of the joy of Christmas morning sweetly returned. Now it seems we might be past that, but yes, I still believe in Santa Claus"

Michael Davidson

"As cliche as it sounds, my Christmas tradition is centred around food. I do not bake. I do not have a special dish that I always bring. I don’t even carve the turkey. What I do is eat. This is not an isolated “ooh I feel full” situation. This is a prolonged and sustained commitment to seasonal gluttony. I will crush a handful of shortbread cookies on my way from the couch to the dinner table, pausing only to wipe the Dorito crumbs off my shirt. I will sculpt an intricate landscape of mashed potatoes and flood it with butter and gravy. That’s right… not butter OR gravy… butter AND gravy. I will not save room for dessert. I will force dessert to reside in the already cramped quarters of my guts. My digestif will be a litre of ice cold Pepsi. I will not pause to reconsider nor will I harbour any regrets. This is Christmas … and this is what I do" 

Jason Frizzell

Works under $750

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