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Almost a retrospective exhibition with the art pieces that date from 10 years ago until now,

NOT FOR PROFIT nor FAME  is a sublimation of what Bosnian-born, Calgary-based Darija Radakovic has been doing since immigrating to Canada, and what she had previously learned overseas from her Yugoslav avant-garde teachers, in both a literal and figurative sense. Darija has also been inspired by Kazimir Malevich, Joseph Beuys, Marcel Duchamp and others, which can be recognized in her work.

Born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she moved to Belgrade in the middle of the awful war where she got her BFA at the University of Fine Arts. This gave her an opportunity to express disgust with authorities, and a tradition of wrong choices, to criticize society through her works, and try to set the focus on the consequences of our misdoings. In 2010 she left for Canada with her family to re-start their lives. As she discovered her private inner peace in Calgary and achieved a new balance, her interests are focusing on less bitter themes.

Poem by Chris Cran for Darija Radakovic's NOT FOR PROFIT nor FAME"

"Poem by Chris Cran for

Darija Radakovic's NOT FOR PROFIT nor FAME"

New artwork from Darija Radakovic

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Darija Radakovic


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