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Dan Hudson

Dan Hudson is a Canadian visual artist working with various media including, painting, photography, video and installation. He uses cross disciplinary methodologies to explore concepts of time and the relationship between contemporary culture and the natural

Hudson earned a BFA with honours from York University (Toronto, Canada), studied anthropology at UCSD (California, USA) and attended art residencies in Banff, Yukon, Newfoundland, Berlin and Leipzig. Hudson has received 4 academic scholarships, 7
international awards for various art projects and has been awarded more than 30 peer assessed arts grants. He regularly exhibits in group and solo exhibitions throughout North America and Europe.

For his “day job” Hudson worked as photojournalist. Photo assignments to document travel and extreme adventure took him to some of the wildest places on the planet.  Experiences such as these impart an intimacy and honesty to Hudson’s art practice.

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