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Our Services

Our Services

Appraisals and Estate Planning

Art Consulting Services


Purchase and Payment Options


Herringer Kiss Gallery wants to make the process of selecting and paying for your art collection as easy on you as possible.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Interac,  


We offer several available solutions:


Payment Plans

Herringer Kiss Gallery offers fine art payment plans tailored to our clients' requirements. With as little as 10% initial payment and no interest terms, this flexible and convenient plan allows you to have your artwork sooner with manageable payments.

On Approval

Herringer Kiss Gallery offers on-approval release of fine art, whereby our clients can try the works for a couple of days at their location.


Corporate Leasing

Herringer Kiss Gallery is pleased to offer corporate lease-to-purchase services. This is customized to each unique client’s needs. Please contact the Gallery to discuss further.​

Framing, Restoration and Transportation

Wooden Frames

Custom Framing


Equipped with a dedicated framing studio, Herringer Kiss Gallery specializes in custom framing including fine art, conservation framing, certificate framing, memorabilia framing, shadow boxing, dry mounting and custom mirrors. We carry a wide variety of frames, from simple to unique Italian and French designs. We offer the latest framing technologies and materials to preserve and enhance the long term integrity of your artwork.

Restorer Using Scalpel

Fine Art Consulting


Herringer Kiss Gallery provides fine art consulting services to private individuals and corporations to wishing to build collections.  We understand that the process of beginning to collect fine art can be an intimidating and daunting process. We can assist you in finding a particular piece, to define your areas of focus or to develop the criteria from which your collection will be built.

We also provide consulting services to corporations and institutions to assist in major commissions or large scale projects. The Herringer Kiss Gallery is able to work with clients to produce one of a kind, site-specific works. Projects range from single pieces by our gallery artists produced specifically to meet a client's needs to large scale, multi-media, site-specific projects. Our full service design team includes artists, engineers, fabricators, shipping experts and installers.

Closing a Box

Crating and Shipping



Herringer Kiss Gallery provides packaging, including crating and international shipping.

Furniture & Artwork

Delivery and Installation


Herringer Kiss Gallery provides specialized delivery and installation of your artwork according to gallery standards.

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