Upcoming Exhibitions

Fiona Ackerman 

Flowers For Rapunzel


October 17th – November 14th


Drawing from historical scientific botanical illustration, Fiona Ackerman's new series of paintings documents a fictionalized botanical world, one where the rules of art replace those of science, and the nature explored is obscured by fantasy.

Aron Hill 

The Golden Fingers of Dawn


October 17th – November 14th, 2020

​The sun is a central element of my work. It serves as the guiding light to the layers of experience translated onto canvas.   The paintings are primarily demonstrative of light and transparency, a stage for the painted object. Each element in my paintings can be seen on their own, as an artifact, as an object whose reference can shift not dissimilar from a stage where a flower vase can serve as mere decoration in one play and a murder weapon in another.     

Flatbed Pictures


November 21 – December 23, 2020 


American Art critic, Leo Steinberg gave a lecture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1968 where he argued that a fundamental shift occurred in painting in New York in the early 1950's. This shift was from paintings that had always been angulated towards a vertical human posture to that of a horizontal pictorial surface like a flatbed printing bed. If you consider even Picasso's cubism work, there is one way up. They were painted while standing vertical at an easel and meant to be viewed in that orientation only. But then in the 1950's, Leo states, starting with Robert Rauschenberg, and DuBuffet, you see artists breaking free from this to create works that simulate table tops or the studio floor. Steinberg felt that this was the most important development in post modern painting. The art chosen for this exhibition are also flatbed pictures, in the footsteps of the New York School of Painting. Artists include Aron Hill, Rhys Douglas Farrell, Joe Fleming, Ben Skinner, Fiona Ackerman, Curtis Cutshaw, Nate McLeod, Tia Halliday, Darija Radakovic, Angela Leach and Sara Robichaud.

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