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Upcoming Exhibition

Rhys Douglas Farrell


New works by Calgary-based artist, Rhys Douglas Farrell.  “Optimatic” refers to the automatic and immediate interactions between the colours Farrell selects as well as the interactions of the viewer with the works. Using colour theory and pattern-making to create highly optic works that shift both chromatically and physically.

March 18– April 15


Upcoming Exhibition

Lauren Walker, Aron Hill,
Nate McLeod, Paul deGroot, Brian Flynn, and Ben Skinner.

Tasting Menu 

Each artist will have their own mini exhibition in a defined space within the gallery just like an art fair where each gallery has its own booth. This exhibition provides the opportunity for artists that are creating new work, to show collectors what they have been up to in their studios between larger solo exhibitions.

April 22 - May 20

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