Upcoming Exhibitions

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“Shaping Calgary”


September  11  - October  16, 2021


A group exhibition of the leading and most influential sculptors in Calgary. Curated by Kevin Kanashiro and Deborah Herringer Kiss.

Featuring artists Katie Ohe, Blake Senini, Alex Caldwell, Walter May, Gordon Ferguson, and Ron Kanashiro.

Blue Figure_36x36_2021.JPG

Paul deGroot, "Blue Figure", Oil on Canvas, 36" x 36", 2021

Paul deGroot

Part One: Looking Back


October 23 – November 20, 2021

2020 Mayday looping HD video 7 min per l

Dan Hudson



November 27  – January 2021

In ancient Greek mythology, the Horai are twelve goddesses who preside over the heavenly bodies that create days, seasons, and other natural divisions of time. In Japanese mythology, Horai is a legendary land beyond time. Every human culture throughout history has endeavoured to understand the nature of time; something that eludes us to this day.

Dan Hudson’s introspective art works are his personal contemplations on the subject of time. He creates ritualistic processes as a way to interface with astrological cycles and their corresponding rhythms in the landscape. His art works are artifacts of these processes. They are offerings to the idea of the Horai. 

A Tale Told.png

Jason Frizzell

And We will Dream of

El Derado

November 27  – January 2021 

Jason Frizzell, "A Tale Told with Stick and Stone", Scale model components

and materials, high-density foam, paint, epoxy putty, and acrylic, 2021