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Viewing Room

HKG Summer 2023

Group Show

July 15 - August 31st, 2023

Featuring a revolving exhibition of gallery artists. The current iteration includes;

Fiona Ackerman, Shelley Adler, David Burdeny, Renée Duval, Howard Lonn, Paul deGroot, Michael Davidson, Dennis Ekstedt and Bill Laing.

Renee Duval painting "Jumper "
Watcher 52 x56.jpg
Shelley Adler painting "Violet Anna"
Bill Laing painting "Veil"
Rhys Douglas Farrell painting "The Vertices of Vondelpark"
Joe Fleming painting "Spring Training Blue Skies"
Dennis Ekstedt painting "World's Fair and Reflecting Pool"
What Lola Wants_30x30_2019.JPG
Blue Ocean Blue_30x30.JPG
8_Photo Lab, Tokyo, Japan, 2022, 10x8.jpg
Ends with INES_80x60.jpg
Howard Lonn painting "Fassbinder '73"
2003 Covered Motorcycle.jpg
Sara Robichaud painting "Priestess"
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