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HKG Projects & Fairs

The Robbins Pavilion, Royal Alexandra Hospital,

Edmonton, Alberta

Herringer Kiss Gallery and gallery artist, Reinhard Skoracki were commissioned by the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation to produce an outdoor, multi-media, sculptural donor wall installation. The challenge was to develop an interactive art piece that proudly displayed the hospital’s donor’s names while being visible from inside the building on two separate floors and from outside the building, as viewed from the courtyard. Our services included stamped engineered drawings, font search, laser cutting, powder coating, welding, delivery and installation. The resulting installation includes stainless steel, powder coated carbon steel and bronze figures. Each donor panel category was done in a different colour and that same colour was used as an accent colour for the corresponding figure and their pencil.

From Reinhard Skoracki:

“The positioning at the defined spaces achieves the interactions between sculptural “stories” and the viewer; layering it with a certain amount of ambiguity to open it up and make it thought provoking. The sculptures in this particular architectural space will mediate and humanize the space. The figures act as supporters and interpreters from a different slant, witty, yet always innovative.”


“It is generally acknowledged that a sense of humour is one of mankind’s most valuable attributes. A smile does not leave room for dark thoughts but operates as alleviation for the soul, which would be in the designated location a great contribution; a remedy to deal with serious matters in the spirit of broad good humour. The infusion of a dose of hope and humour are designed in order to connect the viewer to our social world. It’s the sugar with a bit of medicine theory.”


“In collaboration with the donor names, where information is presented in a bit-by-bit forward moving sequence, the sculptures are functioning as the punch line at the end. Manipulating the movements of the last letter, at the last name of each donor index, it permits the list to extend and to continue. In this approach it becomes an invitation for future gratuities.”

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