Katie Ohe, RCA, LLD


Katie Ohe is a renowned Canadian sculptor and one of the first artists to make abstract sculpture in Alberta. Born in 1937 in Peers, Alberta, she attended the Alberta College of Art (ACAD), the Montreal School of Art and Design, the Sculpture Centre in New York and Fonderia Fabris in Verona, Italy. 
Ohe’s work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally, in addition to numerous commissioned works installed throughout Alberta. Her work is also represented in collections including the Canada Council Art Bank, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Shell Collection, The University of Calgary, and the Glenbow Museum. In 1991 Katie received the ACAD Alumni Award of Excellence Award (formerly the Board of Governors’ Award of Excellence) and in 2001 was the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of Calgary in recognition of her influence on art in Alberta. Katie is an elected member of Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and entitled to use the RCA designation as acknowledgement of her contribution to Canadian art. In 2019, Katie was awarded with both the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artist Award and the Alberta Order of Excellence, the highest honour to be bestowed upon a citizen.

Katie is a fiercely beloved teacher and mentor in the arts. She has taught sculpture at the Alberta College of Art + Design since 1970 and her students include many successful and high profile artists with International careers such as Evan Penny, Christian Eckart, Brian Cooley, Alexander Caldwell and Isla Burns. 

Driven by the desire to be able to express thoughts and emotions through her work, Katie’s sculptures compel you to physically interact with them and their kinetic movements mesmerize.

Katie Ohe, RCA, MFA (hon.), L.L.D (hon.)


Born: Peers, Alberta



1961-1963       Graduate Studies in Sculpture, Sculpture Centre,  New York
1960                 Diploma, Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Alberta
1954-1957       Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB
1958-1959       Art Education, Montreal School of Art and Design, Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Quebec



2020                  Doug & Lois Mitchell Outstanding Calgary Artist Award, 

                           Calgary Cultural Leaders Legacy Artist Awards

2019                  Alberta Order of Excellence

2019                  Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artist Award

2019                  Fellow of the Glenbow-Alberta Institute

2018                  Honorary M.F.A. Alberta University of Arts (formerly A.C.A.D.)

2017                  1 of 150 INFLUENTIAL WOMEN Calgary (Celebrating Canada 150)

2012                  Lecturer Emeritus , Board of Governors, Alberta College of Art and Design
2012                  Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal,  presented by the Premier of Alberta
2006                  Alberta Centennial Medal
2002                  Queens Golden Jubilee Medal
2001                  Honorary Degree, Doctor of Laws, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
1991                  Alberta College of Art and Design Medal of Excellence
1989                  Y.W.C.A.  Arts and Culture Award
1984                  Allied Arts Medal, The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
1973                  Canada Council Grant
1968                  Canada Council Grant , One year independent study, London, England
1964                  Winnipeg Show, Sculpture Award
1963                  Tuition and Studio Grant, from Sculpture Centre, New York
1962                  Canada Council Grant
1960                  Tuition and Study Grant, from Sculpture Centre, New York
                           Reeves Foundation Award, Calgary, AB
1958                  National Gallery Study Award for The Montreal School of Art and Design,

                                                           Montreal Museum (Dr. Lismer), Montreal, QUE



2011-12             3 Monsoons, Kahanoff Foundation, Calgary, Alberta
2001                   Janet's Crown,  Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB
1997                  Sentinel, Standard Life Building, Edmonton, AB
1996                  Garden of Learning,  University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
1989                  Earth Probe, Esso Resources Canada Limited (now Imperial Oil), Calgary, AB
1984                  Samantha, Stephen J. Connell Productions, Hollywood, California
1983-1984        Nimmons Cairn, Bankview Community and the City of Calgary, Nimmons Park, Calgary, AB
1983                  Lotus no. 1, Bethany Care Centre, Calgary, AB
1981                  Untitled,  Awards for Y.W.C.A. Woman of the Year, Calgary, AB
1979                  Zipper No. 2, Oxford Development Group Inc., Edmonton Centre, Edmonton, AB
1975                  Zipper, Math Science Complex, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
1973                  Child Bearers, Education Centre, Calgary School Board, Calgary, AB
1967                  Conic Turn, Engineering Complex, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
                           Canada, Federal Western Regional Office Geological Institute, Calgary, AB
1966                  Day and Night, Chinook Shopping Mall, City of Calgary, Prince’s Island Park, Calgary, AB
1963                  St. Michael and All Angels, St. Michael’s the Archangel Church, Calgary, AB
1962                  Communion Table, Pulpit, Font and Sculpture, Grace Presbyterian Church, Calgary, AB


2009                  Muskeg Baby, Paul Ziff, Calgary, AB
2001                  Quenten's Song, Joyce Doolittle, Calgary, AB
1992                  Fulda Table for Mary Burton, Calgary, AB
                           Head for John Snow, Calgary, AB



2020                  Katie Ohe, Esker Foundation, Calgary, AB (Curators: Naomi Potter, Shauna Thompson, Elizabeth Diggon)

2015                  Katie Ohe - Ethos, now and then, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB

2006                  Art Gallery of Calgary,  AB
2003-2004        “Greetings, Katie Ohe, silk screen prints”, Travel Alberta, Alberta, AB
2002                  Sculpture Prayers- Katie Ohe, Stride Gallery, Calgary, AB, (Curator: Diana Sherlock)
1999                  Alternate Gallery, Kelowna, BC
1996                  Nickle Arts Museum, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
1991                  “Katie Ohe,” Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, AB,(Curator: Richard Gordon)
1989                  “Katie Ohe: Markers,” New Alberta Art, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB (Curator: Katherine Ylitalo)
1976                  Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB
1972                  University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
                          University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
1966                  1640 Gallery (prints), Montreal, QUE
1960                  Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB
1962                  University of Saskatoon, Saskatoon, SASK


2020                 XX, A Celebration of Top Women Artists, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB

2020                 Katie Ohe and Harry Kiyooka- Early Works, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB

2019- 2020      Rebellious: Alberta Women Artists in the 1980s, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB (Curator: Lindsey Sharman)

2019                 MONSOON: Robin Arseneault, Isla Burns, Christian Eckart, Katie Ohe       

                                                     and Evan Penny, Griffin Art Projects, Vancouver, BC, (Curator: Katherine Ylitalo)

2019                 Recall: Recent Acquisitions and their New Context, Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB,

                                                    (Curator:  Christine Sowiak)

2014-15           Made in Calgary: The 2000’s, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB, (Curator: Katherine Ylitalo)

2013-2014       Made in Calgary: The 1980’s, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB, (Curator: Jeffrey Spalding)

2014                 New Visions, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Travelling Exhibition Program,(Curators: Dean Tatum Reeves, Program                                       Manager and Curator, and Xanthe Isbister, Interim Program Manager and Curator of Traveling Exhibitions Region                                   Four, SE, Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre) 

2013                Made in Calgary: The 1970’s, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB, (Curator: Ron Moppett)

2013                Made in Calgary: The 1960s, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB, (Curator: Mary-Beth Laviolette)

2013                Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary, AB (Curator: Christine Sowiak)

2011                Connections to Collections, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB, (Curator: Jacek Malec)

2010                Inhabiting Spaces, Helen Hadala, Katie Ohe, Laurel Smith and Greg Payce, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB; Centre for                                              Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland; Taidenhalli Centre of Contemporary Art, Porvoo, Finland; Satellite                                                        exhibition,  Museum of Fine Arts, Porto, Portugal, (Curator: Bozenna Wiesniewska)
2008                Seven Canadian Sculptors from Calgary, (Katie Ohe, Eric Cameron, and others), Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2004                Migrations: Katie Ohe, Reinhard Skoracki, Honsun Chu, Isla Burns, Ray Arnatt, Greek Exchange Exhibition, Tinos,                                                  Greece (Curator: Caterina Pizanias)
2000                Kaleidoscope, Amsterdam, Holland; Ostova, Czechoslovakia;  Calgary, AB
                         Alberta Biennial, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB
                         Alberta Biennial, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB
                         Royal Canadian Academy Of Art Millennium Exhibition, Gallery Stratford, Stratford, ONT
1999                Hands that Shape, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
                         Japanese Print Exhibition (sculpture), Nickle Art Museum, Calgary, AB
1998                Real Objects, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB
                         Celebrating a Legacy, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB
                         Edmonton Art Society (sculpture), Armoury Building, Edmonton, AB
1997                Tradition Transformed, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
                         Works, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton, AB
1996                Between 4, Grande Prairie and Medicine Hat, AB
1995                Between 4, Red Deer, AB
1994                Domestic Objects, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
                        Artist Circle, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
1991                Works Exhibition, Edmonton, AB
                        Art Around Here – Avenues of Acquaintance, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, AB, curated by Katherine Ylitalo in                                                           collaboration with Dr. Anne Calvert
1989                Alberta Sculpture Survey ’89, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
1988                Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
1986                Founders of the Alberta College of Art, Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB
1985                A Sense of Space, Muttart Gallery, Calgary, AB
1982                Royal Canadian Academy, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, AB
1981                Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, AB
1980                Royal Canadian Academy, Toronto, ONT
                         Alberta Art Foundation, Kamakura, Japan
1975                Changes:  Two Artists Walking on the Prairies, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatoon, SASK Edmonton, Calgary, AB
                         Alberta Art Foundation, London, Brussels, Paris, New York
                         Kunsterverien Zu Frechen, International Print Show, Germany
                         International Print Exhibition, Yugoslavia
1974                Bradford Print Biennial, England
1971                West 71, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton
                         Environment “71, Calgary
1970-2011      Faculty Exhibition, Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Alberta
1964                National Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
1960                Sculpture Centre, New York



   Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton, AB
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   1970-2011+     Sculpture Instructor, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB 1981

   1981                 Part-time Seminar Instructor, The Banff Centre, School of Fine Arts, Banff, AB

   1978-1979        Sculpture Instructor, The University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
   1970-1982        Sessional Sculpture Instructor, Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB
   1964-1967        Full-time Art Instructor, Calgary, Allied Art Centre, Calgary, AB
   1960-1962        Assistant Art Instructor, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB
   1958-1959        Full-time Art Instructor, Child Art Program, Coste House, Calgary, AB

   1995                  "Explorations" Sculpture 95, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
   1991                  "Spectrum 91" – Women in Sculpture, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, AB
                             "Tim Lang Sculpture", Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB

   2011-12            City of Calgary, Public Sculpture
   2011                  Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton
   2008                  Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton
   2006                  City of Calgary, Public Sculpture.
   2006                  Environmental Design, U of C, Calgary
   2002                  Adjudication and External Advisor, Faculty of Environmental Design, U of C, Calgary
   2000                  Waterworks Centennial Sculpture Competition, Calgary, AB

   1998                  17th Ave Sculpture, Calgary, AB

   1997                  Famous 5, Calgary, AB
   1996+              S.A.W.S. (Southern Alberta Woodworking Society), Calgary, AB
   1996                 Calgary Police Association & Calgary Firefighters Association Sculpture Competition, Calgary, AB

                             Sien Loc, Park Sculpture Competition, Chinatown, Calgary, AB
   1995                 17th Ave Uptown Revitalization, Calgary, AB
                             S.A.W.S., Calgary, AB
   1994                 17th Ave Uptown Revitalization

   1992                Science Alberta Foundation, Calgary, AB
   1991                Cultural Activities Scholarship
   1978                Canada Council Grant (B and Short Term), Ottawa ONT
                            Sculpture Selection, Commonwealth Games, Edmonton, AB 

                             Canada Council Art Bank purchase             

​                             Alberta Art Foundation

   2010                Art talk in Gdansk, Poland, Porto, Portugal  (to accompany “Inhabiting  Space” Exhibition.
   2006               Art Gallery of Calgary
   2006               Video, Glenbow, Museum, Calgary, AB
   2000               Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB
                           Banker's Hall, Calgary, AB
   1999               Alternate Gallery, Kelowna, BC
                          Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB
                          Stone Carving Society, Calgary, AB
                          Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB
   1998               Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB
   1997               Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB
   1996               Grande Prairie Art Gallery, Grande Prairie, AB
                          Art Department Okanagan N. College, Kelowna, BC
                          Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB
                          Mysore School of Art, Mysore, India
  1995                Nickle Art Museum, Calgary, AB

   2010              Japan, Poland, Portugal
   2008              China
   2004              Greece
   2000              Holland, Belgium, France, England
   1995              India
   1993              Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, London
   1992              Holland, Belgium, Germany:  Kassel Documenta
   1985              Italy, France, Germany
   1983              Japan
   1972-1982    Verona, Italy (summer residencies in Bronze Foundry Studio)
   1969              London England:  Canada Council Study Grant (visited France, Spain and Germ



   Royal Canadian Academy of Artists
   Alberta Society of Artists
   Calgary Contemporary Art Society


2011   Founder and Board Member of  KIYOOKA OHE ART CENTRE (KOAC)

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