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Nate McLeod

Slow Burn


March 7 – April 6  


Drawing upon a collection of images the artist has amassed over the past two years, Slow Burn adopts the conventions and symbolism of historical still life painting to suggest layered narratives, both personal and universal. The images themselves come from a variety of sources including: screenshots of social media posts; documentation of previous work and the work of other artists; and personal photographs of possessions, food, plants, pastimes, and recent trips. Occasionally, AI image generators are used to expand upon the images by creating variations of the originals.

Disparate objects found within the collection of images are collaged together digitally to build compositions upon shelves or other surfaces, unified in space through the use of a single light source. The flat application of paint in controlled blocks of colour paired with loosely airbrushed drop shadows suggest depth while also appearing two-dimensional, giving way to a sense of artifice. Building upon tropes of historical still life painting, the selection of objects and the way in which they are arranged allude to life, death, and the passage of time.

Nate McLeod is an artist living and working in Calgary, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts and is represented by Herringer Kiss Gallery. McLeod's work is included in private, public, and corporate collections including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Encana, and Royal Bank of Canada. He has curated several independent exhibitions, was the co-founder and Artistic Director of Avalanche! Institute of Contemporary Art, the former Associate Curator of Contemporary Calgary, and is currently the Educational Art Technician in the Drawing & Painting departments at the Alberta University of the Arts.

Slow Burn No. 1, 2024
Yellow Shelf (Hard Place) 41.5x61.25_2024.jpg
Nineteen Hand_Red(Self Portrait)
Nineteen_Blue(Self Portrait)
Nineteen Hang_Yellow(Cassandra)
Nineteen Hand_Green(Cassandra)
Nate McLeod - Chopped Wood, 2024
Red Shelf
Nate McLeod_Overnight Tomato Sauce,
Nate McLeod - Sweet Sixteen, 2024
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