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Viewing Room

Paul deGroot

Part One: Looking Back

October 23 – November 20, 2021


Paul deGroot was born in the Netherlands but moved to Canada at an early age and is currently based in Calgary. Paul started art school at Kootenay College along with good friend, Chris Cran. Both Paul and Chris then moved to Calgary to finish their degrees at  the Alberta College of Art, (now the Alberta University of Art), where Paul’s nickname became “the forger”. Paul continued to work in his home studio but hasn’t exhibited since graduating, instead concentrating on raising a family and running a business. Now retired, Paul is readying himself for his first solo show in decades.

Paul’s current work is rooted in the photorealist genre, though not in the strictest sense. The paintings, executed in oil, are based on personal photographs, chosen intuitively, which are generally photo-shopped or manipulated in some manner before translating them to canvas. The subject matter consists of everyday scenes, such as buildings, street scenes, vehicles, figures, etc., that are often perceived as ordinary or unremarkable in themselves. Although mostly painted monochromatically, colour always plays an important role in the paintings. The work is influenced by an interest in the ordinary, everyday world, and in trying to make some sense of it.


2020 Red Building (Bilbao).JPG
2018 DeSoto.jpg
2021 Gilets Jaunes.JPG
2015 Scheveningen.jpg
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