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HKG Projects & Fairs

Alberta Investment Management Corporation
Edmonton, Alberta


Renown sculpture creator Reinhard Skoracki and Herringer Kiss Gallery were awarded the commission to produce a multi-media installation works for the reception area and trading floor at the offices of Alberta Investment Management Corporation in Edmonton.

“The Sky is the Limit”, 2012

Bronze and Steel Rod
6 feet tall Figure x 329” long steel rod drawing

This installation includes a 3ft tall bronze figure standing on top of a 3ft tall bronze mountain looking through binoculars into the horizon/future. A 3D line drawing incorporating symbols of industry in which AIMCo invests, is mounted onto the wall behind the figure, spanning the wall behind the reception desk. This “drawing” is fabricated from ½” steel rod, curved to fit contour of the curved reception wall, powder coated in graphite color and spans 330”

From Reinhard Skoracki:
“You have to get up pretty early in the morning to have a better overview. There is a lot of hype in the media today about predictions for the future. Futurology has become a kind of “pop science”, attracting the attention of the public by emphasizing the “gee whiz” wizards who make specific predictions about specific events. But more important than reliance on these predictions, which are tenuous at best, more significant to us as individuals and business people, is an understanding of the transitions taking place in society that will determine how we think, act and manage in the future. All this information is outside the picture area so nothing interferes with AIMCo’s view of the subject. Like a bird that senses the dawn and carefully starts to sing while it is still dark, AIMCo is sensing the potential and sees the future.”​

“Charting your own Course”, 2012
Bronze and Steel Rod
2 feet tall figure x 170” long steel rod drawing

In this installation, a woman holding a pencil is drawing her own path, which is an upward moving chart. The figure is bronze and stands approximately 2 ft tall. The line is 170” in length, fabricated with ½” steel rod, curved to fit contour of the curved wall, powder coated in graphite color and mounted onto the wall.

From Reinhard Skoracki:
“This is a woman in charge of her own destiny, charting a course for wealth and prosperity by means of skill and perseverance.”​

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