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Tia Halliday was born in Calgary Alberta. She received a BFA in Painting with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Halliday also attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Ontario College of Art and Design. Halliday went on to obtain a Masters of Drawing and Painting from Concordia University.  Halliday has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions and engaged in various projects across Canada and Europe. Her work has been noted in such publications as the Washington Post and Canadian Art Online. Tia Halliday was recently selected as an Artist in Residence at Contemporary Calgary as part of their NEXT2015 Program and she performed her subsequent “living sculpture” performances during the LOOK2015 fundraiser for Contemporary Calgary.  Tia is the daughter of the late Canadian abstract painter Richard Halliday, RCA and is an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary. In 2017, Tia Halliday was awarded with the ACAD Alumni Honour Award and the Enbridge Professional Development Award and a Project Grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and was elected to represent Alberta in the 2017 Alberta Biennial at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Most recently, here work was selected by curator Sarah Todd for the exhibition “Second Skin” at the Glenbow Museum alongside Nick Cave.

Academic Degrees:

2009            M.F.A, Studio Arts, Drawing and Painting, Concordia University, Montreal 
2006            B.F.A, Painting with Distinction, Alberta University of the Arts, Calgary 
2005            School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mobility/ Exchange Program,                                      Chicago
2004            Ontario College of Art and Design, Mobility/ Exchange Program, Toronto

Artistic Research Interests:
Performance, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Choreography, Dance, 


Academic Appointments:
2021               Senior Instructor (Tenured Faculty Position), Graduate& Undergraduate                            Programs, Department of Art & Art History, University of Calgary

                        Exhibitions and Performances (Professionally Curated and Panel                                        Reviewed)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021              The Sense Economy, Kamloops Art Gallery, Collaboration with Megan                               Dyck Curated by Craig Wilms, Kamloops B.C 

2018              The Institute for Spatial Bemusement, Herringer Kiss Gallery,                                               Collaboration with Megan Dyck, Curated by Deborah Herringer Kiss,                                 Calgary 

2017              If Eyes Had Feet: The Kinaesthetic Experience of the Pictorial, Alternator                           Centre for Contemporary Art, Panel-reviewed, Kelowna B.C
2016              PHANTASMAGORIA, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Curated by Deborah                                         Herringer Kiss, Calgary
2015              NEXT 2015, Contemporary Calgary, Curated by Nate McLeod, Calgary 
2014              Kindred, Epcor Centre for the Arts, +15 Gallery, panel-reviewed, Calgary
2011              Edge of Illusion, Parisian Laundry Gallery, Curated by Jeanie Riddle,                                   Montreal


Selected Group Exhibitions
2022        The World We’re Living In, Nickle Galleries, Curated by Christine Sowiak,                           Calgary AB
2020         Flatbed Pictures, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Curated by Deborah Herringer Kiss,                    Calgary AB 
2020        XX (Chromosome), Herringer Kiss Gallery, Curated by Deborah Herringer                         Kiss, Calgary AB 
2019        Second Skin, The Glenbow Museum, Curated by Sarah Todd, Calgary 
2018        The Photographers, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Curated by Deborah Herringer                       Kiss, Calgary AB
2017        The Awe, The New Gallery, Curated by Pam Tzeng and Elaine Weryshko,                           Calgary AB
2017        Art Toronto, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Toronto ON
2017        For the Time Being: Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of                           Alberta, Art Gallery of Alberta, Curated by Kristy Trinier & Peta Rake,                                 Edmonton AB
2017        Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, The Walter Phillips Gallery (Public                           Performance at Midsummer Ball), Curated by Kristy Trinier & Peta Rake,                           Banff AB
2017        MODES OPERANDI, Three-person exhibition with Fiona Ackerman & Nate                         Macleod, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Curated by Deborah Herringer Kiss, Calgary                   AB
2017        Body As Site: Project Space Exhibition, Project Space, Banff Centre for Arts                       and Creativity, Banff, AB
2016        IKG LIVE, The Palpable Nature of Praxis (Performance), Illingworth Kerr                             Gallery, Curated by Lorenzo Fusii, Calgary AB
2015        LOOK 2015, Performance and Fundraiser, Calgary Planetarium, Curated by                     Nate McLeod, Calgary AB
2015        Enacting Space with the Nomadic Body: Embodying the Modern Narrative II,                   Nomadic Public Performance, May 2015, New York, NY
2015        Enacting Space with the Nomadic Body:  Embodying the Modern Narrative I,                   Nomadic Public Performance, April 2015, Calgary AB
2015        New Year – New Artists: Michael Davidson, Joe Fleming and Tia Halliday,                           Herringer Kiss Gallery, Curated by Deborah Herringer Kiss, Calgary
2014        Enacting Space with the Nomadic Body 3, Sheath and Womb Series,                                 Performance, Fengersfors Bruk Paper Factory, Dalsland Sweden
2013        Wreck City Installation Project, Curated by Shawn Mankowske, Calgary
2012        Ampersand, Untitled Art Society, Juried, Collaboration with Andrea                                     Williamson, Calgary
2011        Dessin à Dessein Group, Gallerie Lillian Rodriguez Gallery, Juried, Montreal
2009        Staged, Skew Gallery, Curated by Emily Barnett & Bart Habermiller, Calgary
2009        Toronto International Art Fair 2009, Parisian Laundry, Toronto
2009        Between Reality and Fantasy, Group, Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art                     Projects, Juried, Toronto
2009        Summertime in Paris, curated by Jeanie Riddle Parisian Laundry Montreal,                       Montreal
2009        Merge 2, Skew Gallery, Curated by Emily Barnett &  Bart Habermiller ,                               Calgary
2009        Strange Love, Collision 5, curated by Jeanie Riddle, Parisian Laundry,                                 Montreal
2008        Ignition, Group, curated by Michelle Tereult, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery                     Montreal

Awards, Grants and Scholarships (Competitive Funding Total: $154,006.80)

2018        Individual Project Grant (Tia Halliday & Megan Dyck), Alberta Foundation for                   the Arts   Amount: $10,000

2017        Finalist, Salt Spring National Art Prize (Selected amongst over 1200 artists)

2017        Marie Hofstetter Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts, Banff Centre for                         Arts and Creativity Amount: $2,000

2017        University of Calgary Research Startup Funding, University of Calgary
                 Amount: $4,000

2016        Enbridge Alumni Professional Development Award, Alberta University of the                   Arts, Amount: $5,000.00

2016        Alumni Honour Award, Alberta University of the Arts (Recognition)

2015        Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Individual Project Grant 
                 Amount: $14,977.20

2010        Magenta Foundation, Flash Forward 2010 Award Nominee for Photography                      (Recognition)

2008         Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund, Graduate Arts Scholarship                
                  Amount: $15,000.00

2007         Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund, Graduate Arts Scholarship                
                  Amount: $15,000.00

2006         Concordia University, Sheila and Marvyn Kussner Graduate Scholarship        
                  Amount: $2,430.00

2006         Concordia University, Tuition Remission Award Amount: $17,100.00

2006         Concordia University, Velan Graduate Bursary in Painting and Drawing                              Amount: $5,000.00

2006         AUArts General Endowment Fund, ACAD Board of Governors Award of                              Merit Amount: $1,000.00

2006         Canadian Society for Painters in Watercolour, Julius Griffith Memorial                                Award  Amount: $250.00

2006         Artrageous Fund, Liberal Studies Ethics and Scholarship Award    ,  Amount:                    $500.00

2006         Barbara and John Poole, Barbara and John Poole Family Scholarship                                  Amount: $550.00

2005         Alberta Scholarship Program, Jason Lang Scholarship  Amount: $1000.00

2004         Alberta University of the Arts, Second Year Painting Scholarship                                          Amount: $250.00

2003         Alberta University of the Arts, Portfolio Entrance Scholarship                
                  Amount: $750.00

National & Regional Award Nominations (Independently Nominated by Leaders in the Field) 

2020        Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award (Nomination)
                 Nomination on behalf of curator Sarah Todd (Glenbow Museum, Calgary) &                     Deborah Herringer Kiss (Herringer Kiss Gallery)

2017        Sobey Award (Nomination) National Gallery of Canada 
                 Nomination on behalf of curator Peta Rake (Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff)

Book & Publication Contributions: 
2021         Section in Large-Scale Artist Book Publication, Contemporary Art &                                   Dance, 2023 Upcoming Publishing Date ABRAMS Books, New York, NYC
2021         Representation in Artist Book, Latvian Canadian Art, Music, Letters, Richlote                    Publications, Included in the National Library of Canada (Ottawa) and                              National Library of Latvia (Riga)

Notable Acquisitions: 
2021          Nickle Galleries, Public Collection, Calgary Alberta 
2015          Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Art Acquisition Program

2019    Glenbow Blog, Artist in Motion: Tia Halliday, July 29, 2019, By Zoltan Veradi,           
2018    UTODAY (University of Calgary), Collaborative assignment takes art and dance               students out of their comfort zones, April 25th 2018, By: Aurelie Martin,                                   takes-art-and-dance-students-out-their-comfort-zones
2017    Frieze, 10th Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, Sept 27th 2017, By: Natasha               Chaykowski
2017    UTODAY (University of Calgary), Is it a painting, a performance, or a                                   photograph? Yes!, May 30th 2017, By: Betty Rice,                                                                        photograph-yes
2017    Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Tia Halliday: Open Studio, High production               video, March 24th 2017, Produced by Devon Murphy,                                                 
2017    Featured Photo, Book Publication: Joseph Hartman: Portrait of the Artist                         Studio, Black Dog Publishing & Stephen Bulger Gallery (Toronto)
2017    Calgary Harald, Swerve, Right here right now: Meet six Calgary artists taking                   part in the 2017 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, June 23rd 2017, Jon                     Roe,                         celebration-for-the artists-as-much-as-the-public
2016    Canadian Art Magazine, Features Section, 20 Shows We Want to See in 2017,                    January 2nd 2017, ures/20-shows-we-want-to-see-                  in-2017/
2016     Canadian Art Magazine, News Section, 25 Artists to Rep Alberta’s Art Scene in 2017     Biennial, January 25th 2016,                rep-provinces-creative-scene-in-2017-alberta-biennial/
2016     Edmonton Journal, Arts Section, Art Gallery of Alberta Names 2017 Biennial                    Artists, February 2nd 2016, F. Griwkowsky,                                                                                        names-2017-biennial-artists
2015     The Globe and Mail, Life Section, LOOK2015 and DX Intersection, Dec 2nd 2015     Nolan Bryant
2011     The Washington Post, Lifestyle Section, The Impulsive Traveller: Montreal’s                      Adventurous Art Scene, March 8th 2011, Michael Kaminer
2010     CJSW Radio, Cold Smoke Derby, Radio Interview, January 14th, 2009, Ola                          Kowalewski 
2009     Canadian Art Online, Summertime in Paris, laid back in Montreal, August                        27th, Leah Sandals
2009     FFWD Weekly, Merging Artists, July 9th – July15th, Vol 15 No. 31 Andrea                            Williamson 
2009     Montreal Mirror, Six Collide at Collision 5, February 26th - March 4th, Vol 24                    No. 36, Stacey DeWolfe 
2009    Akimbo, Akimblog, Montreal, March 2nd,                    id=265, Stacey DeWolf
2009    McGill Daily, Complementary Collisions, March 5th 2009, Vol 98, Issue 37,                         Alyssa Favreau

Invited Professional & Academic Lectures Given (Independently Appointed by Field Professionals)
2020    The Sense Economy: Ideas, Processes, Frameworks, Exhibiting Artist                                 Presentation, Kamloops Art Gallery, Co-Presented with Megan Dyck
2020    The Skin of the Screen: Musing on Art, The Body and Social Media, Nickle at                     Noon, Taylor Family Digital Library Great Hall, University of Calgary 
2019    The Art of Tia Halliday, Salon Series Lectures, The Glenbow Museum 
2017    The Performative Lens: Selfie Culture and Artistic Practice, Research In-                           Progress Lecture Series, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary 
2017    If Eyes Had Feet: Defining the Embodied Pictorial, Alternator Centre for 

            Contemporary Art, Kelowna BC
2017    In the Skin of a Painting: The Work of Tia Halliday, Thematic Residency Lecture               Program: The Body as Site, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
2017    MFA Skills Workshop: Research, Practice and Advisory Relationships,                                 Department of Art, University of Calgary
2016    A Curious Catalyst: Navigating Interdisciplinary Research from the Inside Out,                 Lunch on Art Series, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary
2015    Art Education as a Collaborative Body: Using Paradigms of Art to Transform                     the Post-Secondary Art institution, Graduate Student Research Poster Fair,                     Presenter and Researcher, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

Panel Reviewed Papers Presented at Academic Conferences
2020         The Art of Preoccupation: Artist’s Self-Representation of Pregnancy, Paper                        Presented Orally, Paper Presented Orally, Annual Conference of the                                  University Art Association of Canada, Online (COVID-19 Pandemic), October                    15th - 17th
2017         Looking with Her; Looking to John Berger to Problematize the Postfeminist                      Politics of the Sexy Mirror Selfie, Paper Presented Orally, Annual                                        Conference of the University Art Association of Canada, Banff Centre for                          Arts and Creativity, October 12th – 14th      
2016         Memling’s Mirror: Art History & Selfie Culture, Paper Presented Orally,                              Moving Forward: Identities, Sexting, Schooled Bodies and the Curriculums                      that Frame Us, Western University, Faculty of Education, London ON, May                        22nd – May 25th
2016         The Twitter Academic, Paper Presented Orally, Canadian Association for                          Curriculum Studies, Pre-Conference to the Canadian Society for the Study                      of Education, Congress for the Humanities and Social Science, University of                    Calgary, Calgary AB, May 28th – June 3rd

Conferences Attended:
2020            University Art Association of Canada Annual Conference, Oct 15 - 17th,                             Online (COVID-19 Pandemic)
2017            University Art Association of Canada Annual Conference, Oct 12 – 15th,                           Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff AB
2017            Art Writing Conference, Sept 15th – 17th, Engineered Air Theatre, Calgary    

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