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Photo Credit: Shamas Malik

Blake Senini Headshot.jpg

Blake Senini

Blake Senini is one of Alberta’s most highly regarded sculptors. Blake was born in 1954 on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria in Sculpture in 1975 and his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary in 1981. Blake is the recipient of numerous awards and has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, for over 40 years. Blake lives and works in Calgary, Alberta and is a Professor Emeritus of the Sculpture Department at the Alberta College of Art and Design.


For Gods Only...


I am, at this point, just following somewhere that the work seems to direct me, and it is a place, in terms of Sculpture or Art, that I desire to be...I just let work go

where it wants to...and the more I get into these things, the more they take me into

ideas and areas unknown previously...all I have to do is follow, and believe that where

they are going is interesting ...funny thing is, they always surprise me...and the more I

let them have their way... the more they talk back to me, and eventually show me the path...I just have to remember to get out of the way.

There you have

it ...that is my art.


Jan. 01 / 2021

Artist Statement


A stream of smoke from the tip of a cigarette

a stain left on a countertop from a cup of coffee in the morning

a fountain of spirits pouring from a bottle in the evening

a shadow faithfully following someone or something through a field

a fleeting sound that passes by undecipherable to all ears

a mysterious light flickering over the water

a lost forgotten object hiding under a table somewhere

a past memory that struggles to be reborn

a nervous bird on the branch of a tree in the wind

a photograph from the past that remains unknown

a loved one that can still remember the words to that song

a longing to believe in something larger than this

a last breath of life from a long time friend


these are some of the things that interest me …at this moment


Jan. 30 / 2021


Born:  1954, Nanaimo, British Columbia


1981                       MFA (Honors) Sculpture

                                The University of Calgary, Alberta

1976                       B.C. Teachers Certification, University of Victoria, British Columbia

1975                       BFA (Honors) Sculpture

                                University of Victoria, B.C.

1971-73                 Studied Ceramics and Sculpture,

                                Malaspina College, Nanaimo, B.C.



2004                 The Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Project Grant            

2003                 The Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Project Grant

2002                 ACAD Professional Development  -  Project Grant

2000                 The Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Project Grant

1998                 The Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Project Grant

1994                 The Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Project Grant

1993                 Plus 15 Sculpture Competition, City of Calgary

1989                 Canada Council - Arts Grant B

1987                 Municipal Plaza Sculpture Competition (second stage), Calgary

1984                 Cash Award, Elements of Earth, Juried Exhibition, Banff

1981                 Alberta Government Graduate Scholarship

1980-81           Graduate Teaching Assistantship, The University of Calgary

1980                 Thesis Research Grant, The University of Calgary

                          Dean’s Special Scholarship, The University of Calgary

1979                 Graduate Scholarship Award, The University of Calgary

1975                 Arthur S. Deny Scholarship, University of Victoria

                          President’s Scholarship, University of Victoria

                          Scholastic Merit Award, University of Victoria

                          Sculpture Competition, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, (first prize)



The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Art Acquisition for Permanent  Collection, ( 2020 )

The Glencoe Club Permanent Collection, Calgary, ( 2020 )

Aimco ( Edmonton)

Cenovus Energy Inc. Calgary

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Outdoor Public Art Commission for the City of Medicine Hat.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada

Governor General of Canada, Art Collection, Rideau Hall, Ottawa.

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, / Centennial Collection 2006

Grant MacEwan College, Edmonton 

British Petroleum, Calgary                                          

Calgary Civic Art Collection                         

MacLeod Dixon, Calgary                              

Glenbow Museum, Permanent Collection Calgary

Canada Council Art Bank

Arcis Energy, Calgary

Nickle Arts Museum, Permanent Collection , Calgary

University of Victoria, Permanent Collection, Victoria , B.C.

The Estate Collection, Calgary

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Permanent Collection

The Art Gallery of Alberta, Permanent Collection

Talisman Inc. Calgary

Hyatt Regency Hotel Group Art Collection / Miami, Florida

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Art Collection / Beijing,China

Private Collections



2007              Art La (Los Angeles Art Fair ) Los Angeles Convention Center


2019                 ‘Screen’,  A Project by Kyle Marks, performance at Two House Brewery  Calgary.

2019                ‘Dear Nevermore’ , Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary

2013              `This History Haunts Me`, SQ Commons /Skew Gallery/ Eighth Ave. Place

2009              ` We Are All In The Same Air`, Skew Gallery, Calgary.

2007              `After Lawren `, Skew Gallery , Calgary

2006               Selected Works, Summit Gallery, Banff

2005              `A Foreign Film `, Skew Gallery, Calgary 

2002              `A Month After Words`, The Art Gallery of Calgary

2000              `Ether`, Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary

1998              ` The Without`, Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary

1996              ` Simone`, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan

1995              `Natura Morta`, Stride Gallery, Calgary

1994              `Natura Morta`, Galerie Optica, Montréal, Quebec

1993              `Ashes to Ashes`, Eau Claire Centre, Calgary

1991              `Lure`, Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary

1989              `Recent Works`, Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary

1988              `Recent Works`,  Galerie Franklin Silverstone, Montreal, Quebec

1987              `Sculpture`, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge

1986              `In Sweet and Vicious Memory` , Off  Centre Centre, Calgary

1985             `New Sculpture,` Canadian Art Gallery , Calgary



2020               HK Winter 2020 Group Show, Herringer Kiss Gallery

                        Isolation ( an online exhibition ), Herringer Kiss Gallery

                        Viral ( an online exhibition ),  Kyle Marks Projects, KyleMarksyyc ) , Calgary.                                            

2018               Gallery Artists Group Exhibition, Herringer Kiss Gallery 

2018                ‘Abundance’, White River Gallery, White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa

2018                ‘Black', ( A Group Show ) ,Herringer Kiss Gallery

2018                ‘Sampler’, Group Show, Herringer Kiss Gallery

2016               Let Us: 2017 Stride Gallery Fundraiser,  Stride Gallery · Calgary

2015               90 x 90: Celebrating Art in Alberta. Art Gallery of Alberta.

2014               Made in Calgary: The 2000s. Glenbow Museum.

                        Made in Calgary: The 1990s.Glenbow Museum.

2013               Made in Calgary : The 1980s.Sept.7,2013 –Jan. 5,2014.Glenbow Museum. 

                        `Made in Alberta` , (Part Two) , MOCA ,Calgary.

                        `Nature /Nurture `, SQ Commons /Skew Gallery at Eighth Avenue Place ,Calgary.

2012                `We Tell Ourselves Stories`, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary.

                         Summer Group Exhibition / Skew Gallery

                         ACAD Faculty Exhibition ,Illingworth Kerr Gallery

2011                ACAD Faculty Exhibition ,Illingworth Kerr Gallery

                         Summer Group Exhibition / Skew Gallery

2010                ACAD Faculty Exhibition ,Illingworth Kerr Gallery

2009                ACAD Faculty Exhibition ,Illingworth Kerr Gallery

2008                Pavilion , Calgary Stampede Society.

                         Faculty Exhibition , Illingworth Kerr Gallery

                         Centennial Collection Exhibition, Alberta  Foundation for the Arts Gallery, Edmonton                                                

                         Recent Acquisitions to the Collection., Glenbow Museum , Calgary.

2007                Art LA  , Los Angeles Convention Center , Los Angeles

                         Group Show , Summitt Gallery , Banff

2006                Faculty Exhibition : Illingworth Kerr Gallery

                         Building a Collection  : 80 Years at The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton Art Gallery , Edmonton.

                         Group Show , Summitt Gallery , Banff

2005                Designer`s  Showcase Exhibition , Calgary

2005                Gallery Artists ,  Summitt Gallery , Banff

                         Form – Space - Concept – Metaphor : Contemporary Alberta  Sculpture, Triangle Gallery

                         ACAD Faculty Exhibition , Illingworth Kerr Gallery

2004                Artrageous 2004 , Alberta College of Art and Design

                         ACAD Faculty Exhibition , Illingworth Kerr Gallery

2003                Selections from the Alberta Art Foundation Permanent Collection 

                         Vertigo Theatre , Calgary

                         Alberta College of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition , Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary

                         Artrageous `2003, Illingworth Kerr Gallery

2002                Selections from the Permanent Collection  , Edmonton Art Gallery

                         Artrageous '2002   , Illingworth Kerr Gallery

2001                `The Alien Project`, Edmonton Art Gallery

2000                `The Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art 2000`, The Edmonton Art Gallery  and  Illingworth Kerr    Gallery, Calgary

                         `Presence & Sweet Relief`, Alberta Art Foundation (selections from the collection), Edmonton

                         `Silver`, The New Gallery, Calgary

1999                `Studio`, Artweek ’99, Calgary                                                                                                                                                

                        `Exquisite Corpse`  ( with Gordon Ferguson and Walter May ),  Stride Gallery , Calgary             

1998               `Distance` (with Chris Cran and Walter May) , Artweek '98, “The Banke”, Calgary

                        `Real Objects`, Edmonton Art Gallery

1997                Celebrating a Legacy, Edmonton Art Gallery

                         Neoteric, Beaver House Gallery, Edmonton

1996                Faculty Exhibition, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary

                         Gaining Ground, Edmonton Art Gallery

1995                Looking Back II, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge

1994                ACAD Faculty Exhibition, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary

1993                Group Show, Paul Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery, Calgary

1992                In-Form (with Gordon Ferguson), Art-Evo Gallery, Edmonton

                         Blake Senini / Kevin Kanashiro, Banker's Hall, Calgary

1991                Square Deal Squared, The New Gallery, Calgary

1990                Sculpture '90, Four Alberta Sculptors, Triangle Gallery, Calgary

                         Group Show, Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary

                         Spun-Out, Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary

1989                AutoRetrato '89, Art Appreciations Centre, Victoria, B.C.

                         Sculpture By Invitation, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton

                         Links To Reality, Muttart Gallery, Calgary

                         Construction De-Construction, FAB Gallery, University of Alberta , Edmonton

1988                ACAD Faculty Exhibition, Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary

                         New Sculpture, Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary

                         Survey Alberta '88, Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary

1987                Dreaming Before Nature, (Eight Calgary Artists), Edmonton Art Gallery

                         Gang of Three (New Sculpture from Calgary), Plug-in Inc. and Ace Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba

                         Wall/Space (New Sculpture by Six Calgary Artists), Glenbow Museum, Calgary 

                         Collaboration in Clay, Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary                                                                                                           1986                Spring Bizarre '86 (with Rita McKeough & Gordon Ferguson),

                         Canadian Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

                         A Square Deal, Off Centre Centre Gallery, Calgary

                         Silent Auction, Stride Gallery, Calgary

1985                Second Story Anniversary Exhibition, Second Story Gallery, Calgary

                         Whirl-i-gigs, Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary

                         Have You Seen The Mountains?, Canadian Art Gallery, Calgary

                         Five Sculptors from Southern Alberta, Whyte Museum, Banff

                         The First Ten, Off  Centre Centre, Calgary

                         Peace Earth Peace, Off  Centre Centre, Calgary


2020               The Drama Queen, Public Outdoor Sculpture Commission for Hines Calgary Corporation , Hines 500 , 

                                           Block Project ( Phase One ).

2015-2019      Various Private Commissions, Calgary

2013                Private Commission for residence in Mt. Royal, Calgary, in co-ordination with Douglas Cridland Interior Design

2011                Public Outdoor Commission,’ Turn Turn Turn ( A Resting Place ), for the Esplanade

                                Arts Center , Medicine Hat, in co-ordination with The Alberta Foundation For The Arts

1993                Plus 15 Sculpture Competition, City of Calgary

1987                Municipal Plaza Sculpture Competition (second stage), Calgary



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