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Fiona Ackerman

Automatic Yes

May 27 – July 1, 2023



"I'm often asked what kind of painter I am.  Figurative, abstract, small, large, digital, botanical, surrealist, mural... I just say yes to all of it.  When I began working on this show, I felt the now familiar hunger for a new experience of painting, for the excitement and surprise of a fresh direction. I smiled when the first painting I finished said "Automatic Yes" in large letters. So, I took it from there, playfully, not recklessly, intentionally being open to whatever kind of painter I might be. I followed the chain of ideas, reacting with an automatic yes at every turn." 

Fiona Ackerman, 2023

Say So, Fiona Ackerman
Sure Thing, Fiona Ackerman
Mean It, Fiona Ackerman
I Do, Fiona Ackerman
Sure Thing II, Fiona Ackerman
Act Naturally, Fiona Ackerman
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