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Viewing Room

Harry Kiyooka, RCA

An exhibition to celebrate Harry's career and contributions to the Canadian art scene.

June 28 - August 2, 2022

Celebration of Life

July 16th from 2 to 5 pm.

Katie Ohe in Attendance.


For this special exhibition which pays tribute the late Harry Kiyooka’s 70+ year career, we decided to display the works according to light and colour. I always think of Harry as a painter of light. The study of it is the one constant throughout all of his series whether is it be portraits, landscapes, or abstractions. How light affects colour and light at the different times of the day and throughout the year was a major source of inspiration. Harry told me about studying art history through black and white text books and slides. He said he was completely blown away when he first went to Italy and saw the works by the Renaissance masters. He was also affected by the quality of light in Italy and how it was so different from Calgary. This first trip to Italy was formative to the painter he would become.


Harry’s last request of me was to show these early paintings he did in Italy when he was there studying on a Canada Council Grant in 1960. I am very proud to honour that request in this exhibition. May you rest in peace, Harry.

xx Deborah

Black Quiet.jpg
Harry Kiyooka_6 Loops_Acrylic on Canvas_42.5x48.JPG
Kalpa 27.jpg
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